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Legal information to publish

According to the public notice n. 442/2006, which tells the structure of information published about a legal subject according to § 5 clause 1 and 2 n. 106/1999.

1st Name (title)

The town of Milovice

2nd Purpose and manner of establishment

According to the law n. 128/2000, the town of Milovice is a statutory corporation, which owns property, acts in legal relations with its name and has responsibility of these relations. The town works on an all - round development of its area and takes care of the needs of its citizens. By its acts it helps to protect the public policy. The executive body is the Municipal Office of Milovice.

3rd The structure

4th Contacts

4.1 The address for post

The Municipal Office of Milovice
508, the square 28. června
289 23, Milovice - Mladá

4.2 The address of the office (in case of personal visit)

The Municipal Office of Milovice
508, the square 28. června
289 23, Milovice - Mladá

4.3 Working hours

Monday: 7.00 - 11.30 a.m., 12.00 - 6.00 p.m.
Wednesday: 7.00 - 11.30 a.m., 12.00 - 6.00 p.m.
Thursday: 7.00 - 11.30 a.m., 12.00 - 2.30 p.m.

4.4 Telephone numbers

Telephone number: + 420 517 111 (mail room)

4.5 Fax number

Fax: 325 517 112

4.6 Web pages:

Official: http://www.mesto-milovice.cz/

4.7 Address of the e-mail room:


4.8 Other electronical addresses

DS: 6ahbcq

Official: meu@mesto-milovice.cz

5th Bank account

Number of bank account: 19-600220584, bank code: 0600

When paying the waste fee, please use the number of your house + the number of your flat as the variable symbol. When paying the dog fee, use the number of your house, when paying for the advertising service use the symbol: 1343.

Number of bank account: 27-600220584, bank code: 0600

6th Identification number (IČ)


7th VAT number (DIČ)

Since 1 January 2009 the town of Milovice pays the value-added tax.


8th Documents

8.1 The list of main documents

Budget (The budget for 2010 after the budget arrangements.pdf)

9th Requests and information

The right to the access to information is listed in the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the paragraph 17. The conditions and possibilities of gaining information are enshrined in the law n. 106/1996. Any personal entity or corporate body can ask for information.

The Municipal office of Milovice has to provide information about:

  • development and the build - up of the area
  • financing and budget
  • property
  • culture, education
  • registry office and the recording of the population
  • public service

You can request for information by written requests (personally at the mail room or by post, electronically - e - mail/data box) to the contact office. There is no standardized form.

10th Accepting of requests and other plaints

Where to put your requests, complaints, ideas or any other stimulations or where to receive the decisions

  • in writing: by Czech post, a. s., data box (6ahbcq7)
  • personally: during the working hours
  • by phone: in the Mail Room of the Municipal Office, +420 325 517 111
  • by e - mail: meu@mesto-milovice.cz
  • by the E - Mail Room: meu@mesto-milovice.cz
  • Some plaints need to be handed in by filling in standardized forms.

11th Remedial Measures

How to give in remedial measures?

There is a possibility to give in an appeal due to the withholding of information. The term of appeal is 15 days since receiving the final decision. The place of admission of the appeal is in the Municipal Office that has made or should have made the decision.

The decision about the appeal is made by the Council of the town, if not stated differently. The decision of refusal can be re - examined by court according to the law § 247 and the following law n. 99/1963, Code of Civil Procedure.

12th Forms

13th The descriptions of procedures - manuals for solving difficult life situations

14th Prescripts

14.1 The most common used prescripts

14.2 Published prescripts

15th Payments for providing of information

15.1 Tariff for payments for providing of information

15.2. Resolutions of the superior about the tariff for payments for providing of information

There have not been any resolutions made.

16th License contracts

16.1 Templates of license contracts

16.2 Exclusive licenses

17th The annual report according to the law n. 106/1999